Don’t deal with demons, don’t kill with magic, don’t bring back the dead. There are three simple rules that every magic user knows and abides.

Powerful families enforce the rules, and the only sentence is death. When a novice mage is offered immortality in exchange for breaking them; he jumps at the chance.

Now he must navigate a world of politics, monsters, and dark gods with only his familiar, a Grim Reaper, to guide him. But she has plans of her own.


I call myself Taulsn and have been writing web serials since March 2014. In that time, I have started but not finished Raising Angels (it will happen eventually), a short story collection called Overwatch and finished the serial Defection. My current project started in February and will be Urban fantasy called Reaper. Defection will eventually be published in an edited format until then. You can also pick up my Overwatch Ebook here. You can also donate to my Patreon here.


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